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Award Winning Studios: Designed for Wedding Mornings.

Welcome to The Pretty Prep Studios!

The Pretty Prep Studios is a collection of studios situated in handy locations to give Bridal parties the ideal space to get ready. All studios have 4 styling stations, a sofa area,  a dressing room, refreshment area and all the little details to make your wedding morning perfect! 

Some wedding venues don't have anywhere for you to get ready on the morning of your wedding. Previously you may have all squashed into a dark hotel room, or got ready in someones kitchen and fought over plug sockets and mirrors. These are not ideal! You need lots of space, natural light, seating and parking, you need The Pretty Prep Studios. 

Let's take the stress out of your wedding morning and give your suppliers the space they need and your guests room to relax. Get ready at The Pretty Prep Studios!

“If you're getting married at the Secret Garden, or any other local wedding venue, and are looking for somewhere to get ready, book the Pretty Prep Studios - you will be so glad you did!

The space is large, airy, calming and has the perfect lighting and set-up for MUAs and hair stylists. My favourite area of the studio is the Oast, providing a beautiful setting for getting into your wedding dress, and having some all-important photos!

Sam was incredibly kind from my first viewing, all the way to arranging the collection of a few items that were accidently left behind. She honestly couldn't have done more - she's fantastic!."

"Pretty Prep Studio was absolutely amazing for our wedding, perfect spot to get ready in and provide relaxing space for the bridal party. Sam was so so helpful from the moment I made my enquiry about the studio, sending me lots of info and a little sneak peek before I arrived. The studio was packed with handy little bits you might need in a pinch like safety pins and deodorant. My MUA/Hair artist and guests were amazed by all the place and loved it. I 100 percent recommend to anyone!"

“The Pretty Prep studio is an absolutely incredible space to get ready. My hair stylist and MUA were thrilled with all the space and light in the studio. Sam goes way above and beyond to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.”

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